About Me

Who is that crazy old dyke, anyway?

Photo of DDaleIs it just me, or is it nearly impossible to find books about older women in lesbian fiction and romance? And I don’t mean 40-somethings, either. I’m talking about older with a capital OLD.

It pains me that those of us who are over 60 are invisible within the culture we helped to build. So, I write stories about older lesbians who are still raising hell and living out loud. I imagine this will not win me a spot on The New York Times Best Seller List.

I’ve been writing since I scratched out my first essay in 1965. I won a prize for it—a rosary. Every young girl’s dream. But the experience taught me the power of the pen (or St. Joseph No. 2 pencil in this case). Throughout my life I’ve left a trail of poems, short stories, rants and ramblings in my wake—some published, most not.

In past lives I’ve been a copywriter, graphic designer, musician, karate student, and artist. I’ve survived 12 years of Catholic school and an Italian grandmother — if there’s a heaven, I have most certainly earned my harp and halo.

Coming out in the mid-70s molded me into a lifelong lesbian feminist with a penchant for flannel shirts and womyn’s music. Meg Christian, are you there?

These days I make my home on a lovely ten-acre plot nestled in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania that my wife and I share with two rotten cats, a small flock of spoiled hens, and a herd of white-tailed deer hell-bent on devouring the landscaping.

When I’m not writing, I tend to get myself into trouble by working on projects better suited to a much younger version of myself.

I love good books, good coffee, and watching the fireflies on warm summer nights.

I will not go gentle into that good night.