After 40 years, old loves collide. Sparks ignite. Passions flare. Will they pay the price for a second chance?

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A Love Story About Older Lesbians

Turning 60 has been a bitch for Deb Hansen. She’s feeling old. Restless. Itching to hop off the hamster wheel for one more 
big adventure.

But there’s a snag. And her name is Judge Moira Donovan.

Getting away for the annual Martial Arts Gathering is exactly what Deb needs to clear her head and steel herself for the impending showdown with Moira. But as she’s making the final preparations for her trip, she’s blindsided by the news that her long lost love, Emily Harris has signed on to teach Aikido.

Despite Deb’s efforts to sidestep Emily, the two collide in a volatile reunion on the very first day. Sparks fly, old passions flare, and now they must choose: reclaim the love that slipped away or lose each other forever.

As they seize their chance, the repercussions hurtle Deb into a dangerous, high-stakes clash with Moira—and Deb must risk it all to be with the only woman she ever loved.



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A good book is like a bag of potato chips.

I think a good story should be like a snack for your mind. A little salty. A little spicy. And once you dive in, you can’t put it down until there’s nothing left but a smile on your face. Download the Full Circle preview to sample my new book and see how stories about older women put a fresh spin on lesbian fiction — it will leave you craving more.