Lesbian Fiction About Older Women

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Bennie Amendola and Roz Mitchell-Stewart are from different universes. Bennie grew up working class. Roz comes from the most powerful family in the county. So, when fate throws them together, it sets off a chain of events that changes them—and their small town community—in ways they never imagined.

Will they come through it together, or will circumstances prove Bennie right when she says, “Mitchells and Amendolas don’t mix”?

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The Consequences of Falling

Readers call this age gap romance “heartbreakingly beautiful” and “an uncommon love story…that will linger in your mind long after ‘the end’.”

The Consequences of Falling Cover

When a reclusive rideshare driver picks up a mysterious older woman, it turns their lives inside out.

Andie Fitz and Kate Mayer have nothing in common but their loneliness.

Andie is is down on her luck and struggling to reclaim the life she loved before a debilitating work accident stole it away. Kate is coming to terms with her powerlessness and grief as dementia lays waste to her wife of 38 years. As the two form an unlikely bond, they’re forced to confront their notions about love, desire, and the age gap that separates them.

Follow Andie and Kate on this emotional journey of love, loss, and self-discovery. Will they take a chance on each other, or let their differences keep them apart?

Available at Amazon in Ebook, Paperback, Hardback, and Kindle Unlimited

Full Circle

Rave reviews call Circle Series Book 1 “a well-paced, engaging second-chance love story that will leave you wanting more” and “an amazing book that will make you hold your breath, cringe, cry and swoon.”

Full Circle Cover

After 40 years, old loves collide. Sparks fly. Passions flare.

Turning 60 has been a bitch for Deb Hansen. She’s feeling old. Restless. Itching for one more big adventure. But first she has to break out of her suffocating relationship with Moira Donovan, a powerful judge who can destroy her with a single phone call.

Her annual trip to the Women in Martial Arts Gathering is just what Deb needs to clear her head and steel herself for the impending showdown with Moira. But as she’s preparing to leave, she’s blindsided by the news that her long lost love, Emily Harris will be there to teach Aikido.

Despite Deb’s efforts to sidestep Emily, the two collide in a volatile reunion on opening day. Sparks fly and old passions flare as they reclaim their love, hurtling Deb into a perilous, high-stakes clash with Moira.

Will Deb play it safe or lay it all on the line for the only woman she ever loved?

Available at Amazon in Ebook, Paperback, and Kindle Unlimited

Inner Circle

Readers describe Circle Series Book 2 as “a beautiful, compelling, and riveting story from page one” and “a well-plotted and smoothly written game of cat and mouse.”

Inner Circle Cover

She thought she left the past behind. She was wrong.

Moira Donovan is on the run. Desperate to elude the criminal charges raining down on her, she disappears without a trace. Teri Snyder, exhausted from the prolonged investigation into her former boss’s shenanigans, is disenchanted with the legal system that allows Moira to escape. But there’s an unexpected silver lining — Teri’s newfound freedom to reclaim her true self.

When Teri meets Grace Hilliard, she falls head-over-heels in love for the first time. As her relationship with Grace blossoms, Teri puts Moira Donovan out of her mind. But her happiness is short-lived when a string of alarming events leads her to suspect that she’s the target of a sinister plot.

With her life on the line, Teri embarks on a cross-country journey that ends in an explosive confrontation with Moira. Can Teri bring down the fugitive judge and her inner circle, or will she be their next victim?

If you love thrilling page-turners with a generous helping of sapphic romance, don’t miss Inner Circle.

Available at Amazon in Ebook, Paperback, and Kindle Unlimited

Bennie & Roz Cover

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